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Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work at Smith College School for Social Work - 1992

Washington State Licensed Clinical Social Worker - LICSW# 020704 LW00006183

WA State Approved Mental Health Supervisor

Faculty & Consulting Analyst - Seattle Psychoanalytic Society and Institute


I have worked in the mental health field since 1986.  I began private practice in 1999.  I work with adults and children in individual, couple, family and group treatment modalities.  I provide supervision and consultation to other clinicians.  I teach psychoanalysis and psychotherapy in several post-graduate training programs. 

Affiliations over the years:

Pacific Crest Outward Bound School - Instructor

University Hospitals of Cleveland Child Psychiatry - Intern

University of Chicago Student Mental Health - Intern

Seattle Children's Home - Various clinical roles 1993 - 1999

Friends of the Children Seattle - Consultant

Well Spring Family Services Seattle - Instructor

Seattle Psychoanalytic Society and Institute - Former Board President & Instructor

Northwest Alliance for Psychoanalytic Study - Instructor



Individual Adult

Couple & Family

Child & Adolescent

Parent Guidance

Group Work

Consultation & Teaching





The choice to begin psychoanalysis or psychotherapy is a significant commitment to yourself, or to the family member you decide to sponsor.  Careful consideration at the beginning of this process is necessary.  Please review the following information.  Ask me any questions you have when we meet. 


The process begins with an evaluation phase to consider your current needs.  When I have enough information I will offer my professional recommendations.  At this time we will determine that I have the necessary understanding of your concerns, and the skills to treat them before proceeding.


Psychoanalytic psychotherapy is intensive and experiential.  Frequent sessions allow me greater contact with your concerns and processes, thus regular attendance and a predictable schedule are absolutely necessary for an optimal outcome.



is an intensive treatment method that utilizes a four, or five session per week schedule.  That level of frequency is optimal for the treatment of attachment problems, acting out, and childhood trauma experiences.


is indicated when a less intensive treatment schedule is possible, or to address a specific life situation.  These matters will be discussed during the evaluation.  In either case, consistency and close monitoring facilitates therapeutic gain. 


modalities emphasize improving communication patterns within close primary relationships.  Special attention is paid to developmental issues, ruptures, empathic functioning, history, hierarchies & interpersonal boundaries.


Financial Policies & Federally Required "No Surprises Act" information:

I provide a monthly statement that lists and totals the charges for the previous month.   (Therefore the total monthly bill is always # of sessions x session charge).  I raise fees periodically.  In that event I will give notice the month prior to the increase.    Please read and ask any questions about the policies below or the "No Surprises Act".  Thank you.  

  • $300 per 45 minute session

  • I do not take insurance directly 

  • Statements include codes for submission to insurance however I am on no Insurance panels & therefore an "out of network provider".

  • ​If you have questions, call your carrier to find out about such coverage. 

  • Please be advised that even if insurance covers these services, the reimbursement is paid directly to you.  Keeping your account current with me is your responsibility.  

  • Full payment is due the first week of the following month. 

Washington State Required:

“Counselors practicing for a fee must be registered with the Department of Licensing for the protection of the public health and safety.

Registration does not recognize any practice standard or imply the effectiveness of any treatment.” - WA State License # LW 00006183


Regular appointments and a predictable schedule are crucial for success in psychotherapy.

  • Once we have established regular appointment times, those times are for your exclusive use. This arrangement ensures that your therapy receives the priority needed for optimal growth.

  • Please understand that if you need to cancel for any reason, you will still be charged for the time.  

  • I do not charge for times that I am away; generally two weeks during the holiday season and two weeks during the summer.

  • I will give as much notice as possible for times I am away.


Given the privacy concerns of our era I recommend that you request that I keep only the information required by Washington State law (WAC 246-809-035 Section 2).

The confidentiality of our work together is assured except in the following circumstances:

  • I have reason to believe that abuse is occurring despite therapeutic efforts.

  • I learn of serious or imminent danger to you or others.

  • I am served with a court order.

  • You request that information be disclosed to another party.


Please provide:

  • Your Name & Cell Number.

  • Mailing Address

  • Your child's name & age if seeking child therapy. 


  1. You acknowledge having read Website material carefully - especially regarding the "No Surprises Act"

  2. You request I keep only records required by WA State law.

  3. You agree to & understand my billing & office policies.

  4. You agree too ask questions about my policies and anything else you wish along the way


“Counselors practicing for a fee must be registered with the Department of Licensing for the protection of the public health and safety.

Registration does not recognize any practice standard or imply the effectiveness of any treatment.”

I Prefer Text/ VM to email. Please use 206.283.4360

Thank you! I look forward to speaking with you.

Thank you

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